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7th CPC: Allowance to Armed Forces

Ministry of Defence Allowance to Armed Forces 31 DEC 2018 Taking note of the rigours of military life, the 6th Central Pay Commission (CPC) had recommended an additional, separate element of Pay for the Defence Forces called Military Service Pay […]


Grant of Military Service Pay

Ministry of Defence Grant of Military Service Pay 12 MAR 2018 Delhi High Court in its order dated 28 November 2017 has not given any specific direction to grant Military Service Pay (MSP) equally to all ranks. It may be […]


MHA for Pay on Par with Army for Paramilitary

In its presentation before the ECOS, the MHA also batted for a ‘special pay’ on par with the army. The defence forces get a special allowance in the form of military service pay (MSP) over and above their salaries. MHA […]

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