Promotion to Group ‘B’ posts in Indian Railways

LDCE for promotion to Group ‘B’ posts on Indian Railways

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LDCE for promotion to Group ‘B’ posts on Indian Railways


No. E(GP)2022/2/4

New Delhi, dt: 22/07/2022

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways and Production Units.

(Kind attn.: PCPOs/ PFAs/ Dy.CPO(G)/ Dy.CAQ(G))

Sub.: Promotions to Group ‘B’ posts on Indian Railways – introduction of Centralized Computer Based Objective type examination (CBT) in all departments having Organised Services.

Ref.: This office letter no.E(GP)2022/2/4 dated 28.06.2022.

The structure and distribution of marks for the single Paper in LDCE given in Para 3(ii)(a)(i) to – a(iii) of the aforementioned letter stands revised for promotion to Group ‘B’ post of AFA in Accounts department as under:

(i)Professional SubjectQuestions
General Principles of Govt Accounting and Audit with Special Reference to Railways15
Books and Budget including Traffic Book15
Traffic Accounts and Statistics15
General Expenditure15
Workshop Accounts15
Stores Accounts15
a(ii)General Knowledge including optional questions of 15 marks on Official Language Policy and Rules40
a(iii)Management Accounting and Financial Justification for expenditure30

2. Accordingly, the syllabus/ structure of examination prescribed for 30% LDCE for promotion to Group ‘B’ post of AFA in Accounts Department vide Board’s letter nos.E(GP)76/2/96 dated 3/08/1977, 78 ACIII/20/49 dated 9/9/1978 and E(GP)88/2/111 dated 20.08.1991 also stands modified to that extent.

(Meenakshi Saluja)
Dy. Director, Estt.(GP)-III
Railway Board

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