OROP continues to make headlines

OROP continues to make headlines

“Prime Minister declared once again that OROP is a finalized issue.”

News continues to surface regarding the One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme, which is eagerly being awaited by lakhs of ex-servicemen and their families all over the country.

For more than thirty years now, the Central Government continues to struggle to implement the OROP scheme. There were rumours that Prime Minister Narendra Modi might make announcements regarding this at the first year celebrations rally that was held in Mathura. But, nothing happened.

Recently, in his radio address, he declared once again that OROP is a finalized issue. More time was needed to deal with the hurdles that could crop up during the implementation of the scheme. He reassured the ex-servicemen that it was only a matter of time before the scheme was announced. He accused the opposition parties of making this a political issue. “This is an issue with a lot of confusions and there are a number of practical difficulties in implementing them. Please wait for some more time and I shall present it to you,” he said.

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