ECHS TICKETING SOFTWARE is needed to keep the entire ECHS eco system running smoothly.

ECHS TICKETING SOFTWARE for efficient functioning of the complete ECHS eco system

Central Organisation ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated Headquarters of
MoD (Army), Thimayya Marg,
Near Gopinath Circle,
Delhi Cantt- 110 010


11 May 2027

All Regional Centres

All Record Office :

ECHS Branch
Embassy of India
Kathmandu (Nepal)



1. A ticketing system software has been implemented for efficient functioning of the complete ECHS eco system which is now increasingly getting automated. This ticketing system will enable all the stake holders to report faults online in the hardware and software being used by their respective organizations. The faults reported will automatically allocate the responsibility for ratification to the Technical Support Engineer (TSE) of Source Dot Com Pvt. Ltd (SDCPL) and keep updating the status
online. All stake holders will be able to monitor progress of the faults raised and also escalate if not rectified within the laid down time frame.

Stake Holders

2. A list of stake holders who will be provided with the online ticketing system is given as under:-

(a) Central Organisation ECHS

(b) All station HQ

(c) All Record Office

(d) All Regional Centers

(e) All ECHS Polyclinics

(f) ECHS Helpline

(g) Call centre maintained by SDCPL.

4. All stake holders to request for username and password to CO ECHs at email id jditechs-mod[at] using their respective official email IDs only. The username and password will be generated by SDCPL and forwarded to CO ECHS which will then be forwarded to the respective stake holder on their official email ID.

5. The system will provide following two options to raise online ticket:-

(a) Ticket to request for online training of the modules used in the 64Kb ECHS system.

(b) Ticket to report hardware and software faults.

6. Training Ticket. The stake holder can request for training of its users twice a year due to rotation of its employees and also for all newly introduced modules.

7. Ticket raising for Hardwar/Software Faults. The user is required to login using online credentials. The ticket raising will have following fields:-

(a) New ticket generation.

(i) To raise a new ticket, click on raise new ticket
(ii) Enter own mobile number (For communication purpose related to the ticket raised)
(iii) Select the issue category as Hardware/Software.
(iv) Then select sub. category of the fault/issue to be reported like, issue of token display, server etc.
(v) The system will automatically define the priority based on issue category.
(vi) Suitable subject be mentioned like KIOSK faulty, server not functional, Doctor Module not functional etc.
(vii) The system will generate a ticket number and clicked on the Submit Tab.

8. Ticket Reports

(a) The system will facilitate to give ticket status report under the following heads:- .

(i) Open ticket list.
(ii) Complete Ticket list.
(iii) Closed ticket list.

(b) System will display a complete Audit log of the ticket with the remarks of all users who have worked on the ticket.

(c) Once a ticket is completed by SDCPL then the system will give a window of 24 hours for the user to either re-open the ticket or close the ticket depending on the situation whether the issue is resolved or still not satisfactorily resolved.

(d) In case no action is taken by the user to either close or re-open the ticket then the system will automatically close the ticket after 24 hours of resolving the projected issue.

5. All stake holders are requested to use the online ticketing system for rectification of any fault observed in the 64 Kb ECHS system.

Jt Dir (Statistics & Automation)

ECHS TICKETING SOFTWARE is needed to keep the entire ECHS eco system running smoothly.
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