Determination of Seniority of Direct Recruits

Determination of Seniority of Direct Recruits
Minister of Persmin Shri.V.Narayanasamy informed in Lok Sabha on 22nd August, 2012 regarding the subject of seniority of gazetted officers in Central Services and Central Paramilitary Forces.
Written reply was submitted by the Minister to the above question, The seniority of officers in Central services is fixed as per provisions of statutory recruitment rules applicable to the post. In other cases instructions issued vide this Department’s O.M. dated 11.11.2010 will apply.

1. In central para military forces, the relative seniority of all direct recruits is determined by the order of merit in which they are selected for such appointment on the recommendation of the UPSC or other selecting authority; persons appointed as a result of an earlier selection being senior to those appointed as a result of a subsequent selection.
2. The seniority of Assistant Commandants(Direct entry) is being fixed as per the following norms:-
i. Inter-se seniority of directly appointed Assistant Commandants is determined by adding together the marks obtained by them in the recruitment test and the basic professional courses in the ratio of 50:50.
ii. Where promotions are made on the basis of selection by a DPC, the seniority of such promote shall be in the order in which they are recommended for such promotion by the Departmental Promotion Committee.
iii. Seniority of Assistant Commandants appointed through Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) is as per the merit given by selecting authority.
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