Central Government Staffs to share photos, nuggets of holidays

Central Government Staffs to share photos, nuggets of holidays

All Central government employees will soon be sharing their photos and interesting details of holidays.

Besides, they will be exempted from informing their controlling officers before going on holiday and a self-certification from them would suffice.

These are some of the changes the Centre has decided to make in the relevant rules for availing leave travel concession (LTC).

All LTC claims will be settled in a maximum of one-month’s time, as per the new rules. An additional ten days will be given to settle dues related to LTC travels by an employee in case he is posted away from the headquarters.

“Employees may be encouraged to share interesting insights and pictures, if any, of the destination he or she visited while availing LTC on an appropriate forum,” the rules finalised by Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) said.

“Sometimes, the government servants claim that failure to follow the correct procedure was on account of a lack of knowledge of the rules or instructions while in the other cases the delay is caused in the late processing of LTC claims.

“To remove these bottlenecks, this department has decided to simplify the procedure of application and make the procedure of processing of LTC claims time-bound,” the DoPT said.

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