7th Pay Commission in favor of Technical Operator(Drilling): Central Ground Water Board (CGWB)

Central Ground Water Board (CGWB)

 Drilling Staff : The association has demanded that considering the nature of duties and responsibilities attached to the post of Technical Operators, it may be placed in GP 1900 at par with Technical Operators of Geological Survey of India (GSI). Further to this, the association has also demanded that Assistant Driller-cum-mechanic in the GP 2400 should be upgraded to GP 2800.


Analysis and Recommendations : The Commission has noted that the minimum qualification for entry into the post of Technical Operators is same in GSI as in CGWB although Technical Operators in the GSI are recruited in the GP 1900. The Commission has further noted that CGWB was set up after merging the Ground Water Wing of GSI with the Exploratory Tubewell Organization of India.


The Commission recommends that post of Technical Operator (Drilling) be given GP 1900 and be combined with the post of Compressor. However, the demand that Assistant Driller cum-Mechanic be placed in GP 2800 is not agreed to.

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